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Fill in the following settings:
Access point: glogwap
Username: wap
Password: wap
Then click "finish"

FOR MTNAccess point:
Username: web
Password: web

Access point:
Username: wap
Password: wap

Then click on "connect" and wait for it to connect[whenever you want
To connect]

Double click "mozilla firefox" icon on your system

When opened, click on "tools" and click "option"

Click on "Advance"

Click on "Network"

Click on "Settings"

Select "MANUAL PROXY CONFIGURATION" and fill in the following settings
- HTTP PROXY: [] PORT: [8080 ]
- SSL PROXY: [] PORT: [8080 ]
- FTT PROXY: PORT: [] PORT: [8080]
- GOPHER PROXY: [] PORT: [8080]
- SOCKS HOST: [] PORT: [1080]

* Leave Socks V5 Selected
* No Proxy For: It Should Be Blank

When you fill in all settings correctly, select "use this proxy server
For all protocols"

Immediately you select use this proxy server for all protocols, it
Will turn to this
Then click "ok" and "ok" again

That 's all, your browser is now ready for use

Note: to browse free on Mtn you will have to use the following configuration
Under the "server connection" on your freedom software under "configuration"
Port: 443
Protocol: https
Under options: select 2, 3, 8 and 9
Minimum buffer size: 1500
Initial post size: 10,000,000
Minimum post size: 200,000
Ftp mode: both
Another brand new method for connecting with the freedom client is by using the udp connetion which is easier and much harder to block and also guarantees a long lasting account to do this just change the following:-
Protocol: https
Under options: select 2, 3, 8 and 9
Minimum buffer size: 1500
Initial post size: 10,000,000
Minimum post size: 200,000
Ftp mode: both
Thats all you may still change the adress to this is a u.s.a server this is a u.k server
For those for the lastest cheats please try these works for both freeedom & operamini
I hope you enjoyed that little tip i will be updating you guy on the latest tips if the settings get blocked



Firstly, click on configure. When you do so, another table will come up. Under the tab that says internet connection, fill in the following details.
Initial server - don’t add https like i did in the picture below.
Port – 443
Protocol – choose https
Tick the ones i tick:
Minimum buffer size: 1500
Initial post size: 10000000
Minimum post size : 20000
Ftp mode – choose both
After that, click on proxy settings and enter the following details:
Proxy address:
Proxy port : 8080
Proxy type: choose http/https
Proxy authentication: choose any or none

After that, click on account information and put your username and password there, then click on save and exit:
When you do that, it will return you back to the table you were before where you clicked on configure.
On getting there, click on the ports tab and enter the following info:
Check socks 4/5 and web proxy.
Under the first port, enter 1080 and in the second port, enter 8080.
Next, click on messages and change minimum level to info.
When you have done all, click on the status tab and then click on the button that says “start connection”
Note – it won’t connect now because there is no internet connection on your computer yet.

How to connect your phone to the internet
The next thing you have to do is to connect your phone to the internet.
Firstly, get your sim card configured by calling the zain customer service at 113. That should be after you have gotten your nokia phone anyway.
The next thing you should do is to download the nokia pc suite for your phone from the nokia site at
The pc suite is like 30+ mb and it will take some time to download.
Once you have downloaded it, install it on the system you want to use for the connection (the one you have already installed your-freedom on)
The installation is easy. Just right click it and open it. Click on all the next you see and it will install.
Once the installation is complete, use the usb cable you bought for your phone to connect your phone to your computer (either laptop or desktop)
The phone will ask you to choose a mode, choose nokia mode and click ok. By the time you look at the taskbar of your computer, you will see the computer connecting with your phone. That is done, you will see nokia 3110c connected via usb (if you are using nokia 3110c)
With that done, now go and open the nokia pc suite that you installed.
When it opens.
Now, click on the “connect to the internet icon”
You will see another box open where the phone will try to make a connection. As at this time, it can’t get connected because of the settings.
Click on the settings icon (in form of a spanner) and you will see this next diagram come up where you will choose your type of phone (which is nokia 3110c in this case)
After selecting the modem, click on next and the next page will come up where you will be asked to select your network provider.
Choose the configure the connection manually option and click on next:
On the next page, you will now enter these settings:
Access point:
Username : wap
Password : wap
You can now click on finish and click on the connect button.
If you have configured your sim card, you will see that the pc suite will show you connected.
How to configure mozilla browser
You can now start browsing right now but we will have to configure the browser (mozilla) mozilla is the best browser you can use for this connection but it won’t browse until you make the necessary configurations.
Download the mozilla browser on your computer from their website at and install it. You can also get it from the people who sell software in case you do not want to download it.
Once you have installed it, you should now open it.
Go to tools and select options on the drop down menu:
After clicking on options, a box will come up. On that dialogue box, select the advanced tab and click on network:
After clicking on network,. You will now click settings in front of “configure how firefox connects to the internet”
After clicking on settings, you will see another box come up. On that next box, do the following:
A. Choose the option that says “manual proxy configuration.
B. Now enter the following in the areas listed like in the picture below;
Http proxy – port - 8080
Ssl proxy – port - 8080
Ftp proxy - port - 8080
Socks host - port – 1080

Freedom new ip
Ems22 ( is located in hongkong and should be very well suited for users in china. It is currently open for all protocols including p2p but this might be reconsidered if it causes too much traffic from people who could use other servers.

Ems24 ( is located in switzerland and is hosted with the same provider as ems11. It is very well connected and should provide excellent performance to users in europe

Top five mobile phone tracking softwares

At the beginning of March, we compiled a list of top five mobile phone tracking softwares in terms of the features. Now the list is ready for our visitors, if you have any question regarding this list, please get in touch with us at or follow us on twitter.


MobiWee currently supports Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry cell phones. Users can remotely Locate and track their device, retrieve their information, then lock, wipe, encrypt, delete certificates (for the corporate user), and shutdown their device from any web browser- even if the SIM card has been removed.
Find more about MobiWee

Find My iPhone

Once you enabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone, you can:
1. Locate your iPhone on a map.
2. Set a passcode lock remotely.
3. Display a message or play a sound on your lost iPhone.
4. Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.
Find more about Find My iPhone


Buddy is a free GPS track maker for mobile devices that allows you to track any mobile phone or PDA with built-in GPS (or with Bluetooth GPS receiver) in real time.
1. Track any GPS-enabled phone in real-time online.
2. Save trips for later reference.
3. Share the trips with desired people or keep them private.
4. Capture and comment on particular locations of your trip (in real-time) directly from your phone.
5. Import and save trips to Google Earth to visualize them in 3D-mode and more.
6. View route statistics and charts: route length, route duration, avg. & max. speed, altitude changes, etc.
7. Setup alerts on desired regions and get alerted when nearby.
8. See the list of supported devices on the website.
Find more about Buddyway

Mobile tracking system

Mobile Tracking System 1.51 is a free mobile phone tracker, it allows you tracing a mobile phone location via Gps.
1. Tracking a mobile phone location from a GSM mobile phone or GPS receiver.
2. Tracing your current location from a GSM cell phone or GPS receiver.
3. Add or edit a cellid directly from the mobile client.
4. Realtime any user tracking (if allowed by user).
5. Send and receive e-mail messages directly to and from the MTS client.
6. Send and receive MTS chat messages.
7. Send and receive files.
Find more about Mobile tracking system


InstaMapper is a free service that allows you to track a GPS-enabled cell phone online in real time.
1. Lots of storage.
2. Access to raw data.
3. Location sharing.
Find more about InstaMapper

Using your computer as a Bluetooth headset

Once your pair your computer with your mobile phone, you can use your computer as a Bluetooth headset. When you get a call, it prompts on the computer screen, you answer a call with the microphone, and the caller’s voice comes out of the speaker, it’s real cool. Just follow the steps below.
  1. Take Sony Ericsson T610 as example. Enter the main menu and choose Bluetooth.
  2. Select hands-free device.
  3.  It prompts Add new hands-free devices? Choose yes and the mobile starts to search.
  4. Select your computer when your mobile has found it.
  5. Choose connect, and your mobile pairs with your computer. When you receive an in-coming call, it prompts on the screen and you can now use your computer as a Bluetooth headset.
  6. When you do not want to connect to your computer, just enter the main menu->Bluetooth->hands-free devices, select your computer and choose end.
Tips, please make sure turn Bluetooth on first on your computer.


If you have a WiFi enabled device like a mobile phone or a laptop, you may have found that open wireless networks which grant access to all rarely exist. And if you are developing a WiFi network, pay attention to choose WPA key encryption, for someone may be able to hack a WEP Key encrypted wireless network and gain your WEP key, hence gain access to your wireless network.

How to hack a WEP key encrypted WiFi network

In order to get the WEP key, you need two programs: Ariodump (airodump) and WinAirCrack.
First, configure Ariodump. Run Ariodump, it will show all WNIC you have on you laptop and ask you to enter the WNIC interface index number, choose BUFFALO WNIC, that is, to enter 26. Then choose the type of WNIC chip, as HermesI/Realtek is the most popular, select ‘o’ (depending on your WNIC chip). Then choose the channel number of the AP, we here select 6 (it can be set to a single channel from 1 to 14 or set it to 0 to hop among all channels).Then enter the name and path of the resulting file (.txt, .cap). When the application ask if only write WEP IVs, choose no.
airodump v2.3
Secondly, when all has been set, Ariodump starts to capture encrypted traffic, after a sufficient number of packets have been collected (300,000), you can stop it. And you will find the cap and txt file in the WinAirCrack folder.
Third, run WinAirCrack, press the button that has a file ico and select the cap file. Then click on the WEP tab, choose 64 for the Key size as most user choose this length of WEP key. Finally click on aircrack button and it starts to work, when it finishes a CMD window prompts and displays KEY FOUND followed by the WEP key.
Please note Ariodump may take a long time to capture 300,000 packets of wireless data, it depends on the the amount of data being transferred and if you have set the right mode for your WNIC and target network (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n), be aware they are using the same mode.
 Once you get the WEP key, now you may gain free access to the Wi-Fi network and Internet.

Where to download Ariodump and WinAirCrack

You can always download them and other related apps at East Mobiles Connection, just click on

How to increase WiFi signal strength

Still upset about the weak signal strength of your WIFI network? Well, there are some tips for you.

1, Place the wireless router as near to your laptop as possible. However if there were more than one user relying on the wireless network, you have to put the router in the center of your office or house so that everyone can enjoy access to it.

2, Upgrade your wireless firmware to the latest version. The wireless router company may make improvements to boost the performance, so it would be a good idea to check your wireless router's website from time to time.

3, Update your wireless network adapter driver. This also helps boost your WIFI signal strength. Be sure to back up first.

4, Buy or make a better antenna for your wireless router. Usually the omni-directional antenna that comes with the wireless router does poorly in transmitting signal to a broader location, so you can always buy or make your own antenna.

5, Buy a wireless signal repeater. A repeater will extend your WIFI signal coverage tremendously. However this requires spending extra money, but if you do not mind, it really helps a lot.

6, Upgrade to Wireless N. If you were to set up your WiFi network, you can consider using 802.11n devices. Wireless N uses multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO), a smart antenna technology, and other improvements that make for much larger coverage areas and faster connections. To get full improvement, you also need to use both Wireless N for the router and the wireless adapters.


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Ways to connect your mobile phone to Internet via WiFi

If you have a built-in Wi-Fi cell phone, there are two ways you can connect your mobile phone to Internet.

1. Connect to Internet directly if there is a WiFi hotspot nearby, or if you have a wireless router.

2. If you have a laptop with a wireless NIC, you could connect to Internet through your laptop.

Here we will use the second way, just follow the steps below.

Connect your cell phone to Internet through Laptop

First, Configure your laptop's wireless NIC. Make sure the driver has been installed and turned on. Configure it as a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) wireless connection, then press add in the wireless network window. Specify a network name (SSID) in the wireless network properties window and set it as open. If you want encryption for your wireless net work, please choose WEP and enter a pass key, do NOT let the computer set your pass key automatically as you have to enter it when configure your mobile phone. Or you can disable encryption! Then clicks advanced and choose Ad-hoc for your WLAN network mode, and finish it. Please note you should enter the same SSID when you configure your mobile, or you will not be able to connect to the laptop.

Second, Configure your Wi-Fi mobile phone. Create a new access point, enter a name like my wireless or any name you like. Select wireless LAN as your data bearer, and enter your SSID as your WLAN network name. Please note your should choose Ad-hoc for your WLAN network mode. If your wireless network is open, you should choose open network for the WLAN security mode, otherwise you have to enter your WEP key as you entered above.

When this has been finished, go to the advanced settings. Choose IPv4 settings, specify the IP address as or others other than And enter as the default gateway. Now click on start, and choose RUN, enter CMD and click ok. Enter ipconfig/all when a CMD window appears, wirte down the primary and secondary DNS addresses of the network that connect to the internet. Now enter these DNS address in your mobiles IPv4 settings.

Third, Configure ICS. Right click on the Local Network or any network that connect you to the Internet, select properties and then advanced. Enable Internet connection sharing (ICS) and choose your WLAN network. Then a dialog appears and says WLAN IP will be set to Just confirm and finish it. Then your mobile phone will be able to connect to the Internet through your laptop.


Connect your computer to internet via Bluetooth mobile phone

What is WiFi